What Toys We Packed For Our Lap of Australia

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While getting outdoors and spending time out in nature is really the aim, we still feel our kids toys have a place. Having been on the road for 5 months now we over packed with the toys and have learnt from experience what toys get used and what have now been donated or sent back home.

What toys made the cut…

Lego – Duplo

This would have to be our most used toy on the trip and it really draws a crowd at the caravan park, the amount of times we have set up a mat with the lego out kids just seem drawn to come and play! Ella also has her little lego which we have made up her own lego box with a plate glued onto the container which keeps it nice and contained and a great one to bring into the car for the long car trips.

Arts and Craft Box

A box full of arts and crafts supplies, scissors, paper, stamps, pencils, stickers and a glue stick this will provide endless amounts for creative play. You don’t need to start with heaps as there are plenty of places to stock up when travelling around.


Books for us are important, we read to our kids everyday and they love them. Books do add weight and if weight is an issue there are other options like reading apps that don’t weigh much at all. But for us we prefer to limit screen time so we packed our books, we probably packed more than most but they have all been read and used throughout the trip and we are really happy that we have them.


This has been our best purchase for Ella having her own camera to take her own photos and record memories of the trip, we made sure it was a waterproof one and the bonus is it is also shatterproof. You don’t need to spend heaps there could be a second hand one for sale as long as it is easy to hold for little hands and you won’t have to stress if they accidentally drop it. 


We brought both bikes and scooter but the bike gets used so much more than the scooter. We have a balance bike for Ella and one of those little yellow and blue plastic trikes for Bodhi both have been used heaps throughout the trip, although the kids are getting a little older so we will be looking at updating.

Soft Play Balls

We seem to pick these up as we go as they do get lost, any type of ball weather its tennis balls, soccer ball or basketball well worth to have on the trip to kick around and have fun with. The amount of places we have been too that are big open spaces with not much more than some grass and a bit of dirt the balls are perfect to bring out for some outside fun

Sand Toys

We have a couple of buckets and some digging shovels and can’t speak highly enough of how simple toys can create the most play opportunities. From playing in the sand, looking for shells to fill the bucket with, building sand castles, filling up with water, using on a nature scavenger hunt to even being used to shovel dirt around these toys get used alot.

Boxes at the end of their beds for their individual toys

We have boxes (soon to be suitcases after Christmas) which they store all their individual toys in. Ella has her dolls, soft toys and collection of sticker books, Bodhi has cars, teddies and a stacking toy.


What about Christmas and Birthday presents?

We have experienced both now and while experiences in places we are travelling around are now our biggest gift item we still like to give our kids some new toys to play with they both really do love their toys and to be honest so do we! Here is what is going under the tree for our kids this Christmas.

Ella Age 4

  • Pedal Bike – Upgrading her from a balance bike
  • Arts and Crafts Box fresh supplies
  • Tiger Tribe Magnetic travel toy – We love the tiger tribe travel toys products perfect for car trips
  • Dolls with mermaid outfits – This was her request from Santa
  • Books on Australia, weather and animals which are her favourite topics at the moment
  • Felt play kitchen food – Joint presents for the kids to play shop with
  • Fun little stocking fillers – Hacky Sack, toy cameras with picture slides, Snap card game (Australian One), bug catcher and pocket kite
  • Felt Creations Felt Board

Bodhi Age 1

  • Cat Constructions Toy digger set – Although big they will be stored in our outside box tub we know its something that will get used heaps
  • Arts and Craft/ Random play things box – He loves anything with lids/ containers/ soft tongs etc.
  • Monster Truck Toy Cars
  • Stacking Blocks – He loves to stack things
  • Baby – He loves Ella’s baby to look after
  • Board Books – We find interactive ones like touch and feel are good for him
  • Mini Soccor Ball
  • Tiger Tribe Magnetic travel toy
  • Fun little stocking fillers – Same as Ella’s
  • Grimms Rainbow Stacking Toy – I love this toy for the many different uses it has it really brings out the creative side and Ella will enjoy it too

We know we have storage for all these items and exactly where they are going in the caravan. For the experiences we have made a book with photos of each experience we will be taking them on in the places we are travelling too it will be exciting for them flicking through the book and even more exciting when we get to mark it off as done! 

As we said earlier we over packed at the start of the trip and sent many back or donated and after being on the road for 5 months we know exactly what is important for us and the kids and what actually gets used. Everyone will be different on what they view to take and how much space and weight they can work with, but hopefully this might give you some idea what works for us and what toys actually get used by our kids. 

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