3 days in the grampians

We have found a place, a place where we would happily book again, even visit each year and it’s in Victoria. We were blown away by the Grampians National Park, the bush camp feel but with all the luxuries of a town, for us it was an ideal getaway with our kids and we are ready to book time away there again once we are back down that way.



Where we stayed – Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

What we saw – Venus Baths, Hollow Mountain and MacKenzie Falls

Favorite place with the kids – Venus Baths

Recommended for kids under 5 – YES!

Day 1

With only 3 days to explore this place we felt we got the balance between sitting back and relaxing but also experiencing some of what the Grampians has to offer. The drive took us 4 hours from Melbournes Eastern Suburbs, we booked to stay at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. After staying at this park we loved it that much that this will be our spot when visiting the Grampians again. The park is very family friendly, staying at the bottom gives you a stunning backdrop of the Grampians with a huge field next to the campsite where animals come in large groups. We saw Kangaroos, Deers, Emus and lots of different birds, the kids loved it! The amenities were modern, make sure you stay at the bottom campsite past the playground as these were newer and the park also had positive quotes up and around the place you can’t help but smile in this place. After a day of travelling we spent our first night with our hired drum and lit a campfire and toasted marshmallows, pretty amazing with the backdrop of the Grampians.

Day 2 in the Grampians

We wanted to tackle one of the more challenging walks Hollow Mountain, a steep 2.2km return walk and it really tested us we had both kids in the carriers for parts, Ella did a lot of the steep climbing herself and at one point we were ready to stop and turn around, but Ella would not have a bar of it and pushed us all to continue to the top. We were so glad she did the view up there was incredible, there were little caves to explore, little rock pools to check out and plenty of space to stop and enjoy a little picnic. There are arrows pointing which way to go to get to the top, we actually did get a little lost but were able to easily get back on track. Hollow Mountain took up more time than we thought and we were pretty tired from the walk and decided to call it a day and head back to our camp for another fire enjoying our surroundings.

Day 3 in the Grampians

Our last full day in the Grampians we decided to see the popular MacKenzie Falls, we opted to just do the easy walk to the lookout as there were signs telling us that the walk down to the base was very steep and after yesterday we felt this would be a better option for us. We were wrong we got to the lookout and realised the climb down was very manageable with kids having steps all the way down to the base and really was a sight not to be missed. So we ended up making our way back to do the walk down to the base of the falls and it really was as impressive as everyone says it is, well worth it! The walk up was tiring carrying the kids but no regrets, we would do it again any day.

The afternoon we went off to the Venus Baths a very easy 2.3km loop walk through unusual rock formations and stunning lakes. The water is ideal to take a dip in and Ella had a lot of fun sliding down the rocks like a water slide. It was a bit more of a challenge with Bodhi at his age as the rocks are slippery but we managed with the two kids smiling and enjoying the place. The walk itself is beautfiul and both kids enjoyed walking it themselves.

Our last night in the Grampians we spent enjoying the fire once again with marshmallows and packed up our van ready to move on the next day. We find when visiting places we have a good feel when we are ready to move on, but this one we weren’t feeling it we didn’t feel done, we would have loved to extend our stay another week but it was time to be back in Melbourne for Christmas.

In the morning of leaving we decided to head out one more time and take the short drive to the Balconies as it is a pretty easy walk to do and pram friendly. We thought this would be a nice way to start the day and end our stay. But the morning was really foggy we couldn’t see anything and it had started to rain when we got there, we decided to give this one a miss and put it on the list for next time.

The Grampians is a huge place with so much to offer with walks, bike tracks, rock climbing they even have a zoo in Halls Gap, it is an ideal place to take the family and we are excited to book another stay there. But for now we will enjoy what we did get to experience and look forward to having another stay here to explore some more!

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