A little slice of paradise 19km from Perth with no public cars the best and most fun way to get around is to get on a bike and ride around. This was a real fun adventure for our family from catching the ferry to the island, visiting the many different beaches, meeting the famous Quokkas and riding our bikes around the island it was a day trip that we would absolutely do again the kids loved it and so did we. Here’s what we got up to on our day on Rottnest Island with a total trip price at the end.

We left early in the morning to get the first Ferry out as we wanted to make the most of our day over on Rottnest Island, the kids were excited and so were we it was easy to get out the door. The ferry left from Hillary’s Boat Ramp and we booked it through Rottnest Fast Ferry leaving at 7:30am, we packed plenty of snacks for the day, our bathers and snorkeling gear.

A short 45 minute ferry ride and we had arrived at the island, we went to Peddle and Flipper to hire our bikes, both Ryan and I got a bike and we hired the kids bike trailer which got attached to Ryans bike.

With a 22km ride ahead of us we were excited and ready we had our map and headed off riding around this stunning island. With no public cars on the island we loved riding around and stopping off at all the different beaches, Little Salmon Bay and Salmon Bay were great for the kids and some snorkeling. With tropical fish, shipwrecks, dolphins, salt lakes, even a lake that had a tinge of pink we were spoilt with what we were able to see. 

The island is famous for the Quokkas and we had a lot of fun going on a search to find them and it didn’t take us long to spot one! These cute little guys are not shy in approaching you, we think more so to try and steal your food, but it was great seeing them up close as they only occupy a small part of the South West of Australia.

After riding around the whole island it was time to put our bikes down and rest our legs to head to the pub for a lunch. With lunch, drinks and beautiful scenery it was a nice way to finish off our time on Rottnest Island. We were lucky with the weather for our time there visiting in October it was sunny and not too hot, ideal for riding around the island. Visiting mid week meant that it was also not full of people or bike riders which made for a really relaxing day.

While there is another option to see the island by taking the hop on hop off bus, we loved that we chose to ride our bikes around as the freedom it gave us with the kids and the experience itself made it a standout adventure for our family. The kids even managed to both fall asleep for part of the ride which was bliss.

What did it cost us?

Family of four with kids aged 4 and 1, riding around the island and enjoying a pub lunch with drinks and a splurge on dessert. Bike hire was for 2 adult bikes with 1 of the bikes having a kids trailer attached.


Ferry – $228.00

Bike Hire – $79

Lunch out- $112

Total cost – $419.00


While it is seems like it is up there in price for a day trip, the experience, the fun for the kids and the surroundings were definitely worth it and we would do it again! We were surprised to hear that its one of those places that people either love or hate as our experience of Rottnest Island we loved! And what an experience for the kids, if you are thinking of doing Rottnest Island but still unsure check out our short video below to see more of what it is about.



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