Travelling with our Kids, Showing them the World, One Place at a Time

We are a family of four Ryan, Kelly, Ella and Bodhi from Melbourne, Australia, who in June 2018, quit our jobs to travel in our caravan around Australia with our kids. We traveled full time for just over 8 months around Australia, then an injury happened with a long recovery which made us decide to stop our full time travels for the time being.

This trip has opened up a new opportunity in the Gold Coast with work, this will allow us to spend our weekends getting out and about exploring Queensland and taking some smaller overseas trips until we get ourselves back into a position to take off on our next big travel adventure.

We have already seen first hand the impact travel has had on ourselves and our kids and it has given us that urge to create a flexible life which allows us to travel when we want, for how long we want and not be limited by our jobs.

Life’s too short, lets get exploring!

Travel Highlight Reel – Our first 5 months travelling Australia

Why we decided to leave our jobs and travel with our kids

We had just built a new family home, we both had secure jobs, living the dream right!? Not for us, we still weren’t feeling like this was the path we should be on. We have both always loved to travel we did 3 months together backpacking around Europe in 2013, we have traveled with Ella to Fiji, took her on a cruise around the Pacific Island along with a fewer smaller trips. This helped in our decision to take time off to travel and show our kids that the world is a big place with so much to explore. We want to live a simpler life with less things and more experiences. We now don’t plan years ahead, try to stay in the moment and let our life and opportunities unfold before us. We already have travel plans for 2019, knowing that we are stopping to works won’t stop us from getting out to different places any chance we get. We want to help and inspire people to get out there and travel with their kids, yes it can be hard, but you will see traveling in a whole new light and experience it through the eyes of your kids and we think that something that can’t be beaten!

Recent Travels

Our most recent blogs from our travels around Australia where we are sharing our experiences, places we loved to stay and all things travelling with kids. 

Places to stay in Western Australia

Places to stay in Western Australia

 Western Australia blew us away with what it had to offer experiencing the outback with the red dirt, seeing some of the best beaches with the whitest sand in the world, endless amounts of incredible swimming holes, waterfalls and gorges to explore, getting up close...

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